DHV Podcast 18.50 - Alex Doering

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Deep House Vancouver Vancouver,Canada

We have reached 50 podcasts in our DHV podcast series, and we chose to mark the special occasion with a truly talented artist: Alex Doering.

About Alex:
Nothing offers more freedom than the arts. For Alex, Martial Arts and Music are the channels which enable him to express and develop. A mindful and dedicated practice of one form enhances a deeper understanding of the other. Alex loves to play Music that carries an energetic groove right into the body. As a storyteller, he digs deep, always aspiring to connect the people on the dance floor and resonate as one. This is the sound of the night.
By discovering the beauty of slowness and softness in Martial Arts over the past years, he simultaneously immersed himself into the realms of Downtempo Ethnic and Melodic Deep sounds. Experimenting and moving with it, he feels that it is something worth sharing with others, too. This is the sound of the daylight.
Being a sound alchemist, he ventures through the vast space of sound trying to distill what is needed to create mixes and tracks that carry a message, electrify the soul, make people dance or simply have a soothing effect on the listener.
Steadily seeking inspiration and diving into the unknown, Alex travels a lot and he brings his equipment almost anywhere. Over the past few years, his music has resonated in various countries all over the world, live and through Podcasts.

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SC: @alexdoering

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