deep story nr. 113 l magic forest l by Tim Tation


Deep Stories

Label and Podcast Channel from Hanover / Germany. Managed by long time artist friends The Doubljuh & Kork

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Deep Stories is a collective of DJ/producers, writers and photographers with a passion for storytelling in all possible ways. In their universe, sounds, words and images form a complementary unity, so that the audience can absorb all these different sensations at the same time. With this unprecedented vision in mind, DJ’s The Doubljuh and Kork founded the Deep Stories podcast series in 2016, which was enthusiastically received by a rapidly growing community. By amalgamating different lifestyle areas (literature, photography, music) many people quickly became enthused by this innovative project and within a year the Deep stories Soundcloud channel reached the mark of 10K followers before smashing the 20K milestone the following year. Driven by the enormous positive feedback, the team has expanded and founded its own music blog. This allows the audience to stay informed about new releases, events and upcoming gigs, in addition to weekly charts and tips for the weekend planning for electronic music lovers. The latest addition is the new booking feature, by which the artists of the Deep Stories crew can be booked for deep house and techno parties. Thus, the Deep Stories project consists of three components: the podcast series, the music blog and the booking area. Over the years the team has also grown and many partnerships have been sealed. Among other things, there is a close collaboration with other podcast channels, travel blogs and even street artists, fueling yet even more creative minds…

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Philip Loeper:

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All rights reserved to the artists. All music posted on deep stories is for promotional purposes only. Please visit the site of the producers if u like to download & support their music!

If you are a copyright owner and want your work to be removed from our channel please contact us with a personal message here and we will remove your material right away. Please note that we do not benefit from posting this material and have only the intention to help new and emerging artist to be heard by supporting & promoting podcasts.

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