Decoded Sunday - Sieren

  • 330 Plays
  • 01:17:16
  • Speed: Medium (House, Deep House, D&B)

Decoded Magazine London,

In a saturated and cloned dance music market, it is becoming all too common to merely emulate, rather than stand out, be unique and create memorable music. Our passion for timeless, creative and intimate music allows us to filter through to the artists we invite to join Decoded Magazine We do not look for just anyone, we are looking for people who create memorable music that inspires and invokes emotion, rather than be disposable chart topping hits and mixes.

We support and nurture underground house, progressive, techno, deep house, minimal, breaks, electronic, drum and bass music.

We live in a world of mass media consumerism, yet never tell a story. Never in the history of mankind, has so much information been available, yet our voices are never heard. Decoded Magazine aims to deliver thought provoking, intelligent journalistic articles that affect the generations who are passionate about electronic music, fashion, lifestyle, industry news, interviews, travel, food and breaking new emerging talent beyond the dance floor. We provide ethical, provoking and humorous content to a global audience.

We are a collective of professional marketing managers, print & web designers, recording artists, journalists, label owners, DJs, social media marketers, event promoters, music publishers and more. It is a labour of love for us, it is a passion that runs deep, a feeling of taking back control of an industry we love and so heavily invest in with our own personal lives. We are not grandstanding, we are not thinking we are going to change the world overnight, but we do hope that we can slowly be a game changer in what people listen to, explore or experience.

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