Cottonmouth - Blogcast 057 - Niki Sadeki // Ibiza Sonica Radio

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On the 57th edition of our blogcast, we proudly present the lovely Niki Sadeki.

Niki Sadeki, resident Dj at MIA (Vancouver) and host of 'Allure' show on Frisky Radio, is pretty much a full on experience. An ecstatic diversity of sounds all in combined in 60 minutes (59:56 minutes to be precise). Eastern waves to heavy baselines to goose-bumping vocals with rhythms from all over the electronic music pool, welcome to the world of Niki Sadeki.

Who is Niki Sadeki?

Niki Sadeki is a Vancouver-based DJ and musician. From raiding her parents’ record collection when she was just a child, to becoming resident at Vancouver’s MIA, Niki has continuously been living with the music in the forefront. Within a very short time, she has put herself on the map as an up and coming DJ.

Niki conveys her expression of life to listeners and engages crowds through her live sets when she’s behind the decks , and through dozens of podcasts and studio mixes. Her sets have been described as musical journeys, charming listeners and at the same time inviting them to dive into their own individual world of sensations.

Niki is the host of Allure on Frisky Radio which airs every 3rd Wednesday of the month.

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