Constantijn Lange - "Mousekrabbe"(live set) for RAMBALKOSHE

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  • 376 Plays
  • 01:37:08
  • Speed: Medium (House, Deep House, D&B)

RAMBALKOSHE Yerevan,Armenia

This is our 50th podcast. It was exactly one and a half years ago that we published the first one, and everything that happened within this project and became what it is now can be described differently, but we won’t even try to be original and will define it as a miracle. We are grateful to all the artists who shared their music with us, to each and every person who cares for this project, to Khoren who created the picture on the wall, to those who inspire and criticize us, as well as those who contribute and work on the texts. And thank you, @constantijnlange, for the live act and for making the 50th podcast even more symbolic and memorable.

illustration by: Khoren Matevosyan

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