Christian Voldstad for Canopy Sounds 20

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  • Speed: Medium (House, Deep House, D&B)

Canopy Sounds NYC / Chicago,

Tick tock! The swing glided back and forth with the morning breeze. Nestled upon it was a tiny kitty-cat, nestling in for a cozy nap as his nose filled with the aroma of the surrounding flowers...sweet dreams flowers...sweet dreams.

Relaxing in the meadow with us today is none other than Christian Volstad, and his sidekick, Kitty-Cat.

Christian acquired his love of electronic while growing up in the UK. It wasn’t until he moved to New York, however, that he would attend his first underground party and find the sound that would capture him and inspire him to step behind the decks himself. Since then, Christian has become a staple of the underground scene, a party enthusiast, and an avid techno tourist.

Most recently Christian has been playing across Brooklyn and Manhattan and as far away as Black Rock City, Amsterdam, Moscow, Peru and Cape Town. His sophisticated taste in music earned him a residency for Bespoke Musik where he continues to explore his love of vinyl records, piano melodies and funky basslines.

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