Chanel Cochrane - Conceptual Records Podcast [November 2018]

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  • 283 Plays
  • 02:23:00
  • Speed: Medium (House, Deep House, D&B)

Conceptual Records


Chanel Cochranes’ raw talent revealed itself from a young age when she first picked up a guitar at age 7. Starting off by writing songs and playing to her family and friends, two decades on, she is making waves on the scene as a Producer, DJ, musician and songwriter. Buying her first pair of belt-driven turntables in 2003, Chanel became completely immersed in hours of practice, resulting in quickly winning her first residency in London's Oxford Circus. Firmly establishing herself in London, as her alias DJ Chen, she secured a residency at Gigalum and launched and ran the highly-successful “Hiz n' Herz” club nights in London. For Chanel, music is the gateway into the depths of one’s soul, giving her listeners the ability to elicit emotions and physical reactions that they may not have felt without it. “Music bridges that gap between thousands of souls at any given distance and has the power heal”.

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