britta unders | dusty robots in love @ 1001 nights burning man

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  • Speed: Medium (House, Deep House, D&B)

Britta Unders Berlin,

On a beautiful Thursday afternoon on the playa , Sanctuary , Happy Campers and Gardens of Babylon created “ We are not Robots “ a circus of extraordinary humanoids under the magical dome of 1001 nights camp over on the back streets of 4:45 .
A true labor of love with some of our favourite artists who gifted their talent to take us on a journey of beauty and sounds supported by our 50 000 watt of turbo sound power and a legend of a sound engineer.
We are super proud to release our favourite set of our Burning man experience this year, a 3 hour journey by our 2 favourite dusty aliens BRITTA UNDERS. They surpassed our wildest imagination and the crowd has never been so mesmerised by their energy and frequencies ever since. After hearing the feedback of this magical set , it was our duty to release this as soon as the dust settled.
We HOPE You enjoy this set as much as we all did .
From the bottom of our giant hearts , we thank everyone who was able to experience this magical day with us at Burning Man 2018.

@undersmusic @brittaunders @britta-1

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