Bespoke Musik Radio 053 : El Mundo

  • 230 Plays
  • 02:01:56
  • Speed: Medium (House, Deep House, D&B)

Bespoke Musik Brooklyn, NY,United States

El Mundo (8bit/Bondage Music), real name Pim van der Burgt, has been dj-ing and producing over more than 10 years now. In those years he was involved in several projects, platforms and labels. All were ingredients for his international career up till now.

The music he produces is right from the heart and a product of his personality; warm and characteristic. As a DJ, El Mundo has an honest approach and fine feeling for the dancefloor with his dreamy, psychedelic, deep and groovy sounds. Driven by a genuine passion for everything he does makes him an artist who is always willing to grow and who is looking for new opportunities.

Over the years El Mundo made his mark on respected labels like Get Physical, 8bit, Under Your Skin Records, Bondage Music, Catwash Records, Plastic City and Gruuv. With a lot of unreleased material up his sleeve there is a lot more new music to come.

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