art:cast #12 by Jonathan Kaspar

  • 306 Plays
  • 01:27:44
  • Speed: Fast (Techno, Techhouse)

Torture the Artist Hamburg,Germany

Jonathan Kaspar has only been releasing music for two years, but they’ve already been placed on renowed labels like KX, Objektivity or Pets. And although the Cologne-resident was riding the HipHop train during his teenage years, you won’t be able to hear this influence in his productions.

Jonathan Kaspar is not only a gifted producer, he is also a superior DJ as you can hear in his latest art:cast-episode for Torture the Artist. ‘In this mix I’ve picked tracks and music from friends like André Hommen, Braunbeck, Re:You or myself as I play all these tracks in the club at the moment. So for me, this Podcast is a good impression of my current sound. I am not making a difference, whether the music itself is being played at a club / at home or in the car – it’s the build-up of the set which is the most important for me.’

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