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ARKADIUSZ Spessart,Germany

※ ΛRKΛ. aka arkadiusz. ※

part of and


Family(ar) with, and
Always deep and hypnotic with a touch of melancholy. Sometimes it includes also folk...

In fact....I really like every kind of music, that touches my heart and my soul. Everything can happen....
Nothing have to.

Plz leave me a message or an comment about what you think. Without any discussion nothing can grow...Not today. Not yesterday or tomorrow.

Stay true & be yourself.

All the best and thanks,
dear arkadiusz
on the run:
➤ 2017-04-22 HUBERTUS HOF - Private - (Hobach/Germany)
➤ 2017-05-13 BEATE UWE - Afterhoursounds Family Tour - (Berlin/Germany)
➤ 2017-06-02 ROMANTICA - Afterhoursounds Family Tour - (Stuttgart/Germany)
➤ 2017-08-11--08-13 OEWERALL FESTIVAL (Gruenz/Germany)
➤ 2017-09-08--09-10 VFFF (Himmelswiese/Germany)

Past [only locations listed]:

Waschsalon (Nuremberg/Germany)
P8 [Karlsruhe/Germany]
Uckeralm Festival 2016 [Grünz/Germany]
Outdoor Pachanga Open Air [Guadalajara/Mexico]
Estela Rooftop [Sayulita/Mexico]
Magic Sundays [Guadalajara/Mexico]
Chac Mool [Chacala/Mexico]
Black Sheep [Guadalajara/Mexico]

Planta Baja [Guadalajara/Mexico]
C-3 [Guadalajara/Mexico]
Das schöne Leben [Prora/Germany]
Uckeralm Festival [Uckermünde/Germany]
Birgit&Bier [Berlin/Germany]
Brüxsel Jardin Open Air [Brussel/Belgium]
Cafe zum schönen Rene [Wuerzburg/Germany]
Kurt&Komisch [Wuerzburg/Germany]
Avantgarde Open Air [Ulm/Germany]
Underground [Guadalajara/Mexico]
Desert Dance Open Air [Cd. Juarez/Mexico]
Kosmonaut [Berlin/Germany]


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