A Voyage of Spirits by Roswitha & Paboona ⊚ VOS 036

  • 391 Plays
  • 01:48:41
  • Speed: Medium (House, Deep House, D&B)

Melody Lab London ⊚ Limassol,

Roswitha and Paboona found each other riding the same unicorn not only on the dance floor but also behind the DJ booth. Based in Amsterdam, they then decided to start combining their love for dancing and ‘ravotting’ with their love for playing music… and this is when a wonderful synergy was born.

The wide variety of distinct atmospheres they play at all witness the same result - long sleepless nights. Expect a deep drumming voodoo and sultry deephouse driven by uplifting basslines. “Mbuki Mvuki!” as they say.

Mbuki-mvuki (Bantu): the irresistible urge to spontaneously shuck off your clothes and dance around freely

Soundcloud: @roswithamusic
Facebook: facebook.com/roswithamusic
Soundcloud: @paboona

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