Populous feat. Ela Minus - Azul Oro [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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How do you bring together places that are so different, and with such great distances between them? Portugal, where the song came to life, turns into Colombia, where Ela Minus was born, and then again into New York City, where she currently lives. Everything fades into blue, everything fades into gold.
El azul del mar cambia 
El azul del cielo cambia 

Y el azul de mis ojos se vuelve oro
Con la luz de tus ojos me vuelvo oro

Todo cambia con la luz con que se ve

Como el azul cambia 
Con la luz de tus ojos me vuelvo oro
Second single from the upcoming album out on Wonderwheel Recording and La Tempesta Dischi
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Directed by Emanuele Kabu
Thanks to: Laura, Faye, Davide and Andrea.

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