Mount Kimbie - 'Delta'

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'We follow Milson Pulse on 21/05/17; the day he is convinced to plan and take part in a robbery lead by his girlfriend. it is also the day Milson goes missing.'

Director - Frank Lebon
Producer - Nat Baring
Production designer - Alice Kirkpatrick
Cinematographer - Molly Manning Walker
1st AD - Nick Middleton
Stylist - Laura Vartiainen
Styling assistant - Claire Lemaigre
Hair/Make up - Katie King
Location manager - Tancred Campbell
Casting director - Camilla Arthur
Casting assistant - Rebecca Cheavers
Production design assistant - Yasmina Kurunis
Production design assistant - Phoebe Shakespeare
1st AC - Evangelous Polychronopoulos
2nd AC - George Young
Production assistant - Celeste Kennedy Doig
Production assistant - Carl Standertskjold
Production assistant - Joe Fox
Animation Assistant - Gilbert Bannerman

Milson Pulse - Wilson Oryema
Lily - Lily Ashley
Robber #1 & #2 - Clint and Lee Sanderson
Police Officer x2 - Lachlan Munro
Bank Clerk x2 - Nickesha Grant
Bank Customer x3 - Camilla Arthur
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