Max Cooper Feat Braids - Pleasures - Official Video by Cedric De Smedt

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Max Cooper has collaborated with Canada's intellectual art-rockers BRAIDS on a two-part EP named CONDITIONS ONE. The first of a set of upcoming releases that examine the human condition, CONDITIONS ONE will be the first release on new electronica label FIELDS. The release is accompanied by evocative remixes by hotly tipped northern UK acts Ghosting Season and D/R/U/G/S, as well as an already-released free iPhone app Automaton that previewed one track of the EP, plus this beautiful hand-painted video by Cédric De Smedt.

The human condition is a well-examined idea -- but as an ex-genetics researcher with a PhD, Cooper takes a somewhat aslant look at humanity with the two collaborations. "Pleasures," he says, "is just that -- an attempt to write something purely pleasurable and beautiful. But Automaton is darker -- an attempt to show how humans are essentially deterministic, trapped in a set of predictable reactions to their environment, their upbringing, their lives".

All three members of BRAIDS sing, and the tracks on the CONDITIONS EP combine vocal lines, melodies and individual vocal sounds from every song on BRAIDS' most recent album, Native Speaker -- both as "proper vocals", and or ethereal, pure sound.
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