Sentry - Station Crucial

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'Sentry - Station Crucial' Taken from the new debut 12" out now on Proto Sites.

Movement artist Masumi Saito and director Guy Wigmore, take us to a beautiful, desolate, weather-beaten world where they fill the space with colour movement and energy. Pulled through it by the smokey, spluttering engine of the track Station Crucial created by new Proto Sites spectre, Sentry.

Stranger As A Friend (PS006) is the debut wax from geographically ambiguous artist, Sentry. Polish Dadaist poetry samples to London underground field recordings and weird English folk loops, releasing this on our Slovakia based label makes extra sense. The beautiful Japanese scenes of the video cap the confusion into beautiful pristine perfection, traversing atmospheric sites augmented by dance and rhythm, in fact much like the record itself."

PS006 releases 25th January on Proto Sites.
Mastered by Christoph at Dubplates and Mastering.
Distributed worldwide by Lobster Distribution.
More info and stills on Guy's site
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