Perplex On | Live Electro Jam In The Wild with PO-12 Rhythm & iPhone

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Spring got Perplex On so he took the chance to go for a walk with his new little friend, the Teenage Engineering PO-12 rhythm and his phone to do some improvised recording in the wild.

Tech facts:

- iPhone 4S loaded with Xynthesizr as a sequencer and synth, spiced up in Audiobus with Dedalus and AUFX:Dub in the FX chain. iPhone’s output is directly fed into the PO-12 audio in.
- PO-12 is doing the drums
- Music and ambient noises are live recorded on location with a Zoom H2

This jam is a free download

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by kind permission of the publisher Perplex On | Everything (camera, editing, sound) done by Perplex On
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