Kalipo - Banana Garden (Official Video)

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Berlin-based Kalipo was stuck in a bamboo hut in the Jungle in Thailand, with not much more on his person than swimming trunks, the clothes he wore and a sampler, when first starting to work on “Banana Garden”. The track could be described as “narcotic house” with it’s exotic samples and driving four to the flour beat. It is true to Kalipo’s, but with more vehemence.

Wanderer: Julie Grothgar
Director: Matthias Pfeiffer
VFX: Bernd Kopf
DoP: Nik Söder
1st Assistant: Alex Hansen
2nd Cam: Imanuel Spiegel
Lightning: Ben Schneider
Costume: Adi Yair

The video accompanying “Banana Garden” was realized by Pupillendriller, who conceptualized the wanderer as a Black Hole. Pupillendriller has been responsible for all of Kalipo’s music videos and for visuals at his live shows.

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