Jan Blomqvist - Time Again (Official Video)

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Jan Blomqvist - Time Again (EP out 11th july)
Pre-Order now on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/TimeAgain_iTunes


Jan Blomqvist has come to sonically represent the fusing of acoustic, folk, soul and pop elements into a warm dance sound. Over the past 3 years Jan Blomqvist has not only been a part of this development, but has consistently underscored it with his tireless touring and countless releases, helping to build a foundation for this exciting new genre. It's a sound that until recently was relegated to the second floor, warm-up sets and afterhours, but now has found legs in the main rooms, the big stages and in the mainstream

Time Again is no exception - a huge summer track that crystallizes the guitar-led electronic pop club sound. More than a Johnny Cash edit or a Wankelmut retouch however, Jan created a every sound and melody from scratch and nursed them for years through various incarnations. Now the time is right for Jan to let this track go as summer is approaching and people are primed, receptive and longing for clean club-tested electronic-pop with acoustic folk-rock feel. Right from the start of the track the influences are evident, from techno to deep house, blues to indie, all coming together as the massive opening chorus explodes with Blomqvist's instantly recognizable voice launching over his thick signature bass line. The shiny guitar hook smacks of summer, sunsets, and feelings of nostalgia while simultaneously propelling us forward, mirroring the progress of electronic music as it now firmly embraces its better half, rhythm and blues.

A wicked dark strum echoes through the verse, setting a tone like a Tarantino western as Jan's cracking vocals release the tension through the realization that 'things just weren't working'. Not just another breakup song, but like all Blomqvist tracks it's a multi-layered story about the struggle with oneself, city life and Berlin. It's about recognizing deep disconnect and routines which do not foster growth. Berlin is a city where people arrive with an expectation of experiencing something fantastic, which they usually find. But in that there is an overly-optimistic mentality that throws a gloss over situations making them seem more cozy than they are and making people hang around a longer than they should. When they wake up late to this a self-directed disappointment sets in, but it does so alongside a kind of respect and understanding for the other who like you was simply wanting the good times to continue, blind to the warning signs. This is the relationship that should have ended at the first breakup or the party that has gone on too long or the city that seems to have it all, but of course does not.

Time Again Tour:

27.06.2014 Lärz l Fusion Festival
28.06.2014 Münster l Fusion Club
05.07.2014 RO-Ponton I Casa Baraj
06.07.2014 Erfurt I Bayou Festival
11.07.2014 PL-Ostrow l Tatarak Festival
12.07.2014 Berlin l Feel Festival
13.07.2014 GR-Athens I Balux
17.07.2014 ES-Marbella l Purobeach
18.07.2014 ES-Marbella l Salduna Beach
19.07.2014 Völklingen/Saarbrücken l Electro Magnetic
26.07.2014 Frankfurt/Oder l Helene Beach Festival
27.07.2014 Leipzig I Th!Nk? Open Air
02.08.2014 BE-Tongeren l Le Jardin
08.08.2014 Saalburg l Sonne Mond & Sterne Festival
09.08.2014 FR -- Cargese -- Corsica I Sound System Festival
16.08.2014 Felberger Seenlandschaft I 3000° Festival
22.08.2014 CO-Bogota l Hermoso Ruido
23.08.2014 CO-Medellin l Breakfast
30.08.2014 CH -- Zürich I Ganz Yachting AG
31.08.2014 BE-Vilvoorde l 1800

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video credits:
camera berlin, editing: Christian Dammann
colour grading: Patrick Schepers, www.pixmix.be
camera New York: Yves Schaeffner
camera team cairo: The Projector
Director: Alaa Khaled
Assistant Director: Yara Abulnadar
Camera Operators:
Karim Fouad
Bashir Waguih
Maruan Youssef
Camera Assistant: Ayman Abdel-Hay
Production Manager: Ziad El-Sherif
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