Funkstörung with Anothr - All the Things

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Music Video "All the Things" - Funkstörung
Album: Funkstörung

Concept: Katharina Pichler, Marlene Reischl
Cast: Bianca Anne Braunesberger, Samer Alkurdi
Director: Katharina Pichler, Marlene Reischl
DOP / Colorist: Michael Seidl
Assistant Camera, Assistant Director: Katharina Pichler
Set / VFX / Editing: Marlene Reischl, Katharina Pichler
Programming / Lights / VFX: Matthias Zauner
Gaffer / Lights: Clemens Niel

All the Things visualizes the relationship of two protagonists in an abstract way. It tries to deal with conflicts and therefore merges imagination and reality.
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