Arara - Art in Quadrat (Powel remix)

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In the very distant future, we might look at this as our 'Video Killed The Radio Star' moment. That song (by the Buggles) was the first video ever broadcasted by MTV when they started airing on August 1 1979 (12:01 AM). It sent a clear message that radio was dead (although it still isn't really) and video was taking over.

That's not to say that we'll only be posting music videos from now on. We don't have the means to make a music video for every track we share unfortunately. We do, however, still believe in music videos, since it provides additional context to the music. Just like our texts, pictures and animations do hopefully. We try to explain why we like certain music and why everyone should hear it.

That's why this music video is the perfect one to start with. The title 'Art In Quadrat' says it all: it's art about art. Thus, we'd like to thank our friends at Submarine Vibes for approaching us with this track and music video. And we'd like to thank Arara and Powel for creating a gem of a composition that's beautifully animated by Lamija Alhasan. We hope to do more of this in the future, but that's all dependent on the material that's supplied. We hope this encourages more artists and labels to provide some visual adornment to their sonic art. In return, we would be happy to share it (provided it matches our musical stamp, of course). - C.

Artist: Arara
Title: Art in Quadrat (Powel remix)
Label: Submarine Vibes
Catalog#: SV012
Releasedate: 16-02-2015




Video art: Lamija Alhasan (Submarine Vibes)
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